Family and social visitations are essential for an inmate to successfully reintegrate into society when released. Kolbe promotes visitation while maintaining proper security measures.

Visitors are required to obey all instructions and to comply with all administrative regulations.

Visiting Schedule:

Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm

All inmates, whether remanded or convicted from Tango 8, 9, 10 and 11 will be recognized as the remanded category. All inmates, whether remanded or convicted from Tango 1 to Tango 7, WYF and Females will be recognized under convicted category.

Kolbe's Aim - To Provide a Secure, Humane Falicity Geared Towards Meaningful Rehabilitation.

Building a community coalition, we have created several programs designed to provide stability and relieve some of life's pressures on inmates.

Many of our inmates have little or no skills, leaving them with no choice but a lifestyle of crime. Kolbe offers them a choice with the Industries and Welfare Program.

Below is a basic listing of prison rules and regulations. For any other inquiries, please click here> Contact Us.

Rules and Regulations

Inmates from the Wagner’s Youth Facility (WYF), Addiction Rehabilitation Center (ARC) and those facing sanctions do not receive normal visits. Kindly contact the Prison to confirm visiting schedule or arrangements.

Youth Inmates
Sunday Visiting Schedule

Contact our offices at 501-225-6190 to speak with us about how you can assist us.